What Is The Fastest And Safest Way To Collect Data For The NY Net Worth Statement?

Family law attorneys have to collect a mountain of data before settling a divorce in New York. Finding an effective and secure method of doing so will go a long way to making your practice more profitable, and your case load lighter. With EzSupport-NY family law software, New York attorneys have access to a secure web portal that streamlines this process.

Manual Data Collection

Are you still handing out badly photocopies forms to your clients to fill out? Paper documents are tedious to fill out, take long hours to enter into the New York divorce lawyer software, generate lots of errors from misread handwriting and data entry errors, and are generally a waste of time for all concerned. It’s time to wake up and smell the technology. Let computers do some of the work to save both you and your client time.

Electronic Data Collection (Offline)

EzSupport-NY includes SupportNYLite, a pre-formatted Microsoft Word document that you can email to your clients. As long as they have a word processor than can read Word documents, and as long as they have a computer they do, they can fill this form out at their leisure. It puts the burden of data collection on the client and removes the difficulty of reading bad handwriting. When the form is finished, the client emails it back and the information can be imported into the NY Statement of Net Worth with a simple click of a mouse.

However, although we still support this method, we have developed a better way: a secure online application called NY AutoFill.

Electronic Data Collection (Online)

Easy Soft used our 25 years of experience with legal practice management software to develop NY AutoFill as a faster and more secure alternative to SupportNYLite. It was launched in 2013 to great success. Clients log into a website that is protected by the latest digital security. They can then enter all of their financial information quickly and safely. Clients can come back as many times as they need to until the work is finished. At that point an encrypted version of the file is emailed to your office where it can easily be imported into EzSupport-NY. There is a small fee for each client that provides unlimited use. After one year of inactivity, the client’s information is deleted so there is no danger it can be discovered by unauthorized parties.

Find out more about NY AutoFill and how much it simplifies the data collection necessary in divorce.

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