EzSupport-NY: Family Law Software

Easily automate New York divorce forms and worksheets with EzSupport-NY. EzSupport-NY supports automation for common New York forms and worksheets, including the New York Statement of Net Worth. All forms are fully customizable and allows for instant creation of new documents.

EzSupport-NY is now available as part of our EasySoft Family Law Solutions.


With EzSupport-NY Family Law Professionals Get:

  • Electronic data collection feature, cutting hours of work into minutes.
  • Automated common New York divorce forms such as summons, complaints, affidavits, etc. Click here to see the list of forms included.
  • An easy to use, uncluttered user interface making data entry and understanding calculations a breeze.
  • Automatic calculations, removing a common source of divorce form errors.
  • Automated New York Statement of Net Worth. Enter an unlimited number of Assets, Debts and Expenses (budget items).
  • Integrated Temporary Maintenance Worksheet and Child Support Worksheet (UD-8).
  • Multiple support scenarios. Experiment and compare different support options based on different incomes or deductions, all within the same client file so you can locate the best possible scenario for your client instantly.
  • New York child support software allows easy creation of custom support scenarios.
  • Fully customizable forms and the ability to add your own documents. Save forms in Word or PDF and email, all from within the program.

Electronic Case Data Collection
With all the forms a New York divorce lawyer has to generate, you might mistake your job as an administrator, not a lawyer. You’ve got divorce forms, temporary maintenance and child support worksheets, and the massive and complicated Statement of Net Worth. Before you can even start producing final forms you face the tedious process of case data collection, which requires countless phone calls, explanations, document exchanges, and more. EzSupport-NY comes with an electronic data collection module called “SupportNYLite.” It’s a comprehensive but simple form in Microsoft Word for your client to fill out at home. The client emails the completed form to you. You review it and then import it into the New York divorce lawyer software. It is that simple! Case forms including the Statement of Net Worth are nearly complete. Now you’ve squeezed a few hours work into minutes. At the same time, you’ve increased the accuracy of your data: since no one knows your client’s income, expenses, assets, and debts better than him or her!

Streamline Your New York Family Law Practice

New York family law professionals can enhance productivity and the quality of client services by using dedicated New York matrimonial law net worth software. Developed specifically for family law professionals in the state, EzSupport-NY manages all the important aspects of family law practice, including data collection and generation of common divorce forms, Statement of Net Worth, and child and spousal support worksheets. Your staff can also track case time spent with a built-in timer and produce log statements for billing purposes.

Divorce Forms

New York Divorce Forms

  • Generate forms automatically from a common set of data. Click here to see the list of forms included. Centralized data entry for mother/father/children/attorney, etc. All required forms such as, summons, complaints, affidavit, judgment of divorce, and more are readily available for printing.
  • The built-in document editor allows you to add an unlimited number of your own forms. Use standard fields such as mother, father, children or attorney info to create your own automated forms. You can even add your own fields.
  • Customize any provided form or add new forms. No need for any other word processing, spell checker or PDF tools.
  • View merged documents on screen with the data filled in exactly as it will print. Make any needed changes and print or email.

New York Statement of Net Worth

  • Save time and effort. When you use the intuitive data entry screens found in Easysoft’s NY family law software, the New York net worth statement is a snap.
  • Enter an unlimited number of expense items and get automatic calculations so you can handle complex cases, such as parties with multiple houses.
  • Enter an unlimited number of asset and debt items. The Statement of Net Worth New York will automatically adjust.
  • Enter weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly or quarterly income and expense values. This new york divorce lawyer software automatically converts to required monthly values.
  • Mark asset and debt values TBD, Unknown or Estimated.
  • Edit the completed Statement of Net Worth New York with a built-in editor; save as Word or PDF and email, from all within the program.
  • Use Endnotes to add documentation to important figures throughout the NY net worth statement, for example to show additional details for monthly expenses. All Endnotes will be sequentially numbered and shown at the end of the Statement of Net Worth.

Support Worksheets

Child/Spousal Support Worksheets

  • Do it right with specialized New York child support software. All temporary maintenance and child support calculations are automatic and in accordance with New York guidelines. Simply enter the parties’ basic data, income and deductions and both temporary maintenance and child support worksheets are ready!
  • Experiment with as many support scenarios as you like, all within same client file. Create a worksheet, copy it, develop, manipulate and analyze another scenario! Compare as many as five support scenarios side by side.
  • View all worksheet alerts and exceptions (e.g. payor’s income over $500K) from one central location. Quickly review and make any needed changes instead of looking in many different places.
  • Instantly convert any data value to annual value as required.
  • Edit filled-in support worksheets with a built-in editor, save as Word or PDF and email, all within the program.

FREE Mobile App

FREE Mobile App for Family Lawyers – mEasySoft

Easysoft’s free mobile phone application provide a robust set of divorce settlement (e.g. Alimony Buyout or Present Value, Pension Value, Alimony Recapture), NY child support and temporary maintenance calculator for family law professionals. Now, whether you are having lunch with a client, are in chambers with the judge or are negotiating with opposing counsel, you will have the tools you need anytime and anywhere your smartphone/iPAD has access to the internet. Download mEasySoft today —It’s free!

  • iPhone – Install Now or search “easysoft” in your Apple App Store.
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  • Click here to learn more about mEasySoft.

Technical Support

Divorce settlement tools and NY Support calculations are complicated and are tricky at times, even for seasoned family law attorneys. If you are a current subscriber of Easysoft family law software, (Divorce Financials or EzSupport-NY) not only is mEasySoft free, but technical support for the mEasySoft app is also included. Just use the support channels you currently use for Easysoft products.

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