Easysoft Announces Pre-Order Pricing On New
EasyCDF Real Estate Closing Software

 Easysoft Announces Pre-Order Pricing On New EasyCDF Real Estate Closing Software

Online PR News – 29-April-2015 – NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – Real Estate attorneys who are anxious about the upcoming TRID changes can rely on Easysoft to ensure their practice is fully compliant come August 1, 2015. The software solutions company’s Easy HUD real estate closing software is getting an update this June and the company has announced special pre-order offer on the new software, EasyCDF, for orders placed before July 1, 2015. Significant changes to the TRID software include updated forms to comply with the new CFPB rules governing Closing Disclosure Forms.

"There is a lot of anxiety out there about the changes to the closing disclosure documents, and we are even seeing a strong push to delay implementation of the changes. But Easysoft is ready for the change. Our EasyCDF software is in final testing and will be available for purchase in June. That gives users plenty of time to get used to the software before the August 1 deadline," explained Chris Stock, CEO of Easysoft (www.easysoft-usa.com).

As a result of the integrated Closing Disclosure Forms, EasyCDF will ensure users are 100% compliant with the 2015 CFPB changes. The new software will be very similar to the current Easy HUD, easing the transition to the new software for existing users. New users will quickly learn the intuitive system and enjoy the timesaving benefits that automating the real estate closing process provides.

"Real estate is a very good candidate for total automation because the nature of the business is so transactional. Real estate professionals are always filling out forms, and often entering the same information on those forms. Easy HUD and EasyCDF automate that process. Enter the data once, and it automatically populates all necessary documents, from the sales contract all the way through to 1099-S forms for the IRS. The time savings are immense and immediate," noted Stock.

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