Easysoft Launches Mobile Portal to Simplify
NJ Family Law Case Data Collection

June 5, 2013, North Brunswick, New Jersey - Easysoft, a leading legal software provider, is pleased to announce the release of CIS AutoFill, a cloud application for collecting NJ family law case data electronically.

Case data collection is a vital part of any family law practice but can be time consuming and error prone. Easysoft's CIS AutoFill portal eliminates tedious manual data collection and entry errors by using a modern, web-based portal. Clients can enter almost all data related to NJ Family Case Information Statements and Insurance Certifications in the security and comfort of their own homes or work environments."

"To a large degree, attorney-client communication methods in use are still inefficient and costing all parties. We reviewed current methods of data collection and developed a data gathering application that is secure, fast and modern," says Easysoft CEO Dr. Rick Kabra.

The most obvious benefit of CIS AutoFill is electronic data collection. Client-entered information is sent to the law firm as an encrypted data file. Attorneys import some or all of the information into NJ Case Information Statement software with the click of a mouse. Partial import allows firms to collect case data in stages. For example, an attorney can initially request basic info and budget info, and then ask for asset and liability data later.

CIS AutoFill enables collaboration. In cases such as mediation or collaborative divorce, both parties may work with a common login so they can agree on budget numbers and other data, sorting out differences prior to submission of the NJ CIS data. This improves efficiency and reduces cost for all parties.

CIS AutoFill is more secure than email or fax. The sensitive information entered and submitted by the client is encrypted and is available only to the client or the firm. In addition, CIS AutoFill portal is a powerful marketing tool because the portal is branded with law firm's name and contact information, presenting a professional and modern image in front of their clients.

Lastly, data collection automation and efficiency using CIS AutoFill dramatically lowers Case Information Statement preparation time. This enables the firm to provide better value to clients and yet maintain profitability.

To find out more or start using CIS AutoFill, visit the CIS product page.

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