Easysoft Launches Mobile Portal to Simplify
NY Family Law Case Data Collection

Easysoft Launches Mobile Portal to Simplify NY Family Law Case Data Collection

New York attorneys know collecting data is a key part of a family law practice but it takes too much of a lawyer’s time and is prone to errors. NY AutoFill is a cloud-based application that eliminates both these problems by allowing the client to enter information necessary for the NY Statement of Net Worth from their homes or places of work.

“To a large degree, attorney-client communication methods in use are still inefficient and costing all parties. We reviewed current methods of data collection and developed a data gathering application that is secure, fast and modern,” says Easysoft CEO Dr. Rick Kabra.

NY AutoFill lets the client do the work and then emails an encrypted data file to the attorney. The information is easily imported into Easysoft’s New York divorce software. Attorneys can choose to import only certain sections of the form, allowing clients to spread data entry out over time. Clients can start with basic identification and budget information and add detailed asset and liability data later.

Collaboration is easier using NY AutoFill. In mediation or collaborative divorce, each party can be given a common login. The spouses can sort out their differences ahead of time and come up with unified financial information for the New York Statement of Net Worth. These kinds of amicable divorces save time and money for everyone.

Many attorneys have their clients sent sensitive information through email or fax, but these media are insecure. Another advantage of using NY AutoFill is that the data is encrypted, and access is limited only to authorized users of the Easysoft’s NY family law software. In addition, NY AutoFill portal is a powerful marketing tool because the portal is branded with law firm’s name and contact information, presenting a professional and modern image in front of their clients.

Finally, NY AutoFill significantly reduces the time an attorney needs to devote to completing the New York net worth statement. The practice can lower rates and yet still maintain great profits by taking on more cases.

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