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Ben Vass (2)

Ben Vass

Managing Director

“At Easy Soft, our mission is to help small and solo law practices and settlement agencies simplify their closing process from start to finish.”

“Our software becomes part of your closing process. We understand that your clientele is making one of the most significant transactions in their life and they rely on you to help guide them through that process as quickly and easily as possible. Our focus is to enhance this experience with our software solutions that automate work, reduce risks and increase your profitability while raising the bar for your clients closing experience.”



James Bethe

Marketing Manager

“The marketing team’s goal is to help real estate closing attorneys and settlement agents understand the importance of Easy Soft’s real estate closing software.”

“We specialize in nurturing clients using industry knowledge and content that will inspire them to choose the right software solution for their business to improve day to day efficiency.”





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