EzSupport-PA: Family Law Software

Enhance productivity and services for clients in Pennsylvania with EzSupport-PA. EzSupport-PA is family law software developed for Pennsylvania law firms to manage the essential aspects of your family law practice. EzSupport-PA family law software includes tools to help accurately compute PA child support and spousal support, track case time and produce billing statements to make your practice run smoothly and efficiently.

EzSupport-PA is now available as part of our EasySoft Family Law Solutions.


With EzSupport-PA, Family Law Professionals Get:

  • An easy to use, uncluttered user interface making data entry and understanding calculations a breeze.
  • All child and spousal support computations in accordance with PA Guidelines, 1910.16-1 through 1910.16-7.
  • All worksheet alerts and exceptions are listed in one central place for easier review.
  • Experiment and compare multiple support worksheet scenarios (e.g. less overnights or different income), all within the same client file; Find the best possible scenario for your client instantly.
  • Produce fully customizable Pennsylvania documents such as, income statements, expense statements, inventory and health insurance certification, etc.
  • Add an unlimited number of your own Pennsylvania family law forms, correspondence or litigation documents. All forms populate from case data already entered; produce consistent and error free documents in click of a button.

Why Choose EzSupport – PA for Your Law Firm?

  • Thousands of family law attorneys nationwide use our child support/family law related products. In New Jersey alone, we have over 1500 family law firm clients. Numerous state bar associations have endorsed our products.
  • Easysoft Legal Software has been serving New Jersey and its surrounding states for over 30 years.
  • All products include live technical support valid as long as your subscription is active and a 30 day free trial.

Streamline Your Pennsylvania Family Law Practice

Pennsylvania family lawyers can enhance productivity and services for clients with EzSupport-PA, family law software. Developed specifically for Pennsylvania family law firms, EzSupport-PA manages all the important aspects of family law practice, including accurate computation of PA child support and spousal support. Your staff can even track case time spent with a built-in timer and produce log statements for billing purposes.

Pennsylvania Family Law Software Evaluation, Pricing and Support Options

EzSupport-PA is available as part of the EasySoft software solution. Download only those products that you need, but maintain access to all Easysoft Legal Software products with your subscription. Subscriptions start at $69 per user, per month. All subscriptions include unlimited technical support, valid as long as your subscription is active and come with a 30 day free trial. At Easysoft Legal Software, our goal is to make getting product technical help and training as uncomplicated as possible. From live phone support, monthly webinars and web-based training videos to our technical articles library and FAQs, you’ll find a comprehensive range of choices to get the greatest benefit from your new legal software.

Support Worksheets

Child/Spousal Support Worksheets

  • All calculations including tax, child support and spousal support are automatic and in accordance with Pennsylvania Guidelines.
  • Separate adjustment sections for shared custody, childcare expenses, health insurance premiums, multiple family and excess mortgage.
  • Low income and high-income support amounts are adjusted automatically.
  • Headache Free Split-Parenting Cases: Simply copy the worksheet. Click to flip CP values with NCP, and you have a complete split-parent case in less than a minute!

Advanced Tools Give Your Family Law Practice and Clients an Edge

  • Instantly convert any data value to monthly value as required.
  • Centralized Worksheet Alerts: All worksheet alerts and exceptions are listed in one central location (e.g. Shared custody adjustment does not apply as obligee’s net income is less than 10% of the combined net income). Quickly review and make required changes instead of looking in many different places.
  • Manipulate Multiple Worksheets: Experiment with as many scenarios as you like, all within same client file. Create a worksheet, copy it, develop, manipulate and analyze another scenario! Compare as many as five worksheets side by side.
  • Headache Free Split-Parenting Cases: Simply copy the worksheet. Click to flip CP values with NCP, and you have a complete split-parent case in less than a minute!
  • Assets/Debts List: Not only can you mark items “TBD” or “Unknown,” you can also designate items as “Estimated.”
  • Endnotes: Endnotes make it extremely easy to add illustrations to important values throughout the financial section, i.e. use Endnotes to show additional details for monthly expenses. All Endnotes will be sequentially numbered and shown at the end of the document, which you can print with or without Endnote references.

Forms Automation

Family Law Case Forms Generation

  • Generate forms automatically from a common set of data. Centralized data entry for mother/father/children/attorney, etc. All required forms such as, support worksheets, income statements, expense statements, inventory, health insurance certification and more are readily available for printing.
  • Built-in document editor allows you to add an unlimited number of your own forms. Use standard “fields” such as, mother/father/children/attorney information and automate your own forms. You can even add your own fields.
  • Customize any form in the program or add new forms. No need for any other word processing, spellchecker or PDF tools.
  • View merged documents on-screen with the data filled in exactly as it will print. Make any needed changes and print or email.

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