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Easy HUD is now available as a part of our Real Estate Closing Solutions.

Easy HUD vs. EasyCDF: Use both simultaneously to stay compliant.


Easy HUD Streamlines Real Estate Closings
  • 2015 CFPB rule changes and HUD forms for 2015 are integrated into your closings with Easy HUD. You can be confident that your closings will always be in compliance. Learn more about updating to Easy CDF.
  • HUD Preparation: Generate RESPA-compliant HUD settlement statements (HUD-1 and HUD-1A). All calculations including payoffs, tax proration and transfer taxes are automatic.
  • GFE-HUD Comparison Sheet: Enter GFE and POC amounts and select tolerances to calculate GFE-HUD Comparison automatically.
  • Closing Forms: Print over 200 closing documents, from letters and contracts to post-closing documents, with the integrated Real Estate Docs module.
  • Disbursement: Prepare disbursement ledger and print checks with the Ledger module. Disbursement ledger is transferable to the Easy Trust software.
  • 1099-S Filing: Prepare 1099-S substitute or exemption forms with the 1099-S Module. Enroll in our electronic 1099-S Filing Service and file as you close for $10 per filing.
  • Productivity: Save any form as Word doc or PDF and email from within the HUD 1 software. Easier file management with Task Checklist, Case Notes and Linked Docs. Easy to use hud 1 settlement statement software.
RESPA Compliance Made Easy

Easy HUD settlement statement software is fully compliant with the 2010 RESPA Final Rule. The RESPA Final Rule complicates residential real estate closings. Without properly designed RESPA software, you will face tedious, error-prone preparation of the new GFE-HUD comparison sheet. No worries when you choose Easy Soft’s HUD-1 software.

  • Automatically populate the GFE-HUD comparison sheet mandated by the RESPA Final Rule (page 2 of HUD-1A or page 3 of HUD 1 Settlement Statement). You can even enter data in the same order as listed on the GFE.
  • Smart Itemization: The 2010 RESPA Rule requires display of lump-sum charges (e.g. lender’s origination, title and closing costs) instead of itemization. However, your customer and some government agencies may demand itemization. Easy HUD meets both of these requirements with the Smart Itemization feature. Learn how Easy HUD simplifies VA Loan Lender Itemization requirements.
  • Setoff Tracking: The 2010 RESPA Rule requires listing GFE charges in the borrower’s column, whether paid by seller or lender. Use Setoff Tracker for such charges and credit/debit on the first page of HUD-1 settlement statement.

Key Features

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Efficient HUD 1 Settlement System
Automated GFE-HUD Comparison Sheet
Other Productivity Features

Easy HUD Modules

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Reduce Real Estate Closing Time up to 70%
Real Estate Documents Module
Ledger Module
1099-S Filing
Advanced Printing Options Module

1099-S Reporting

Easy HUD Minimizes Post-Closing Headaches

Easy HUD is more than just the best real estate closing software for attorneys and agents. It brings efficiency to the entire residential real estate closing process and that includes minimizing your post-closing headaches. As a settlement agent, your job does not end at completion of HUD 1 closing and funds disbursement. We continue to provide technology driven efficiency to your post-closing activities wherever it makes sense. We offer following post-closing services:

Electronic 1099-S Reporting from Easy HUD
  • File 1099-S forms as you close. Filing 1099-S forms involving multiple sellers is just as easy.
  • Submit with one click from your Easy HUD title closing software. You receive an instant confirmation number.
  • Minimize IRS rejections for incomplete submissions and associated fines, since Easy HUD program validates data before submission.
  • Print a log of year-to-date submissions instantly.
  • Avoid the need to mail your forms the sellers or the IRS. Our electronic service does it all for $10 per filing.
  • Eliminate year-end frustration and crucial staff time. Aside from the time it takes to manually file 1099-S forms and prepare a report, a last minute discovery of missing or misplaced information can add to filing delays.
  • Enrollment is free. There are no hidden fees.

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