Easy HUD Software: Total Real Estate Closing Solution

Easy HUD is available as part of the EasySoft software solution. Download only those products that you need, but maintain access to the entire suite with your subscription.

Reasons for the Need to Use HUD and CDF Simultaneously

  • RESPA Compliance
  • Purchase/Refinance
  • Auto Calculations
  • Closing Ledger
  • Check Printing
  • Electronic 1099-S

30-day Unconditional Refund

Easy HUD Streamlines Real Estate Closings (Coming Soon: Updated forms from 2015 CFPB rules changes effective August 2015)

  • 2015 Rule Changes Major changes to the CFPB Rules and HUD forms for 2015 will be automatically integrated into your closings with Easy HUD. You can be confident that your closings will always be in compliance during this transition. Learn more about updating to Easy CDF.
  • HUD Preparation: Generate RESPA-compliant HUD settlement statements (HUD-1 and HUD-1A). All calculations including payoffs, tax proration and transfer taxes are automatic.
  • GFE-HUD Comparison Sheet: Enter GFE and POC amounts and select tolerances to calculate GFE-HUD Comparison automatically.
  • Closing Forms: Print over 200 closing documents, from letters and contracts to post-closing documents, with the integrated Real Estate Docs module.
  • Disbursement: Prepare disbursement ledger and print checks with the Ledger module. Disbursement ledger is transferable to the Easy Trust software.
  • 1099-S Filing: Prepare 1099-S substitute or exemption forms with the 1099-S Module. Enroll in our electronic 1099-S Filing Service and file as you close for $10 per filing.
  • Productivity: Save any form as Word doc or PDF and email from within the HUD 1 software. Easier file management with Task Checklist, Case Notes and Linked Docs. Easy to use hud 1 settlement statement software.

RESPA Compliance Made Easy

HUD Settlement Statement Software is Now Fully Compliant with the 2010 RESPA Final Rule

Easy HUD settlement statement software is fully compliant with the 2010 RESPA Final Rule. The RESPA Final Rule complicates residential real estate closings. Without properly designed RESPA software, you will face tedious, error-prone preparation of the new GFE-HUD comparison sheet. No worries when you choose Easy Soft’s HUD-1 software.

  • Automatically populate the GFE-HUD comparison sheet mandated by the RESPA Final Rule (page 2 of HUD-1A or page 3 of HUD 1 Settlement Statement). You can even enter data in the same order as listed on the GFE.
  • Smart Itemization: The 2010 RESPA Rule requires display of lump-sum charges (e.g. lender’s origination, title and closing costs) instead of itemization. However, your customer and some government agencies may demand itemization. Easy HUD meets both of these requirements with the Smart Itemization feature. Learn how Easy HUD simplifies VA Loan Lender Itemization requirements.
  • Setoff Tracking: The 2010 RESPA Rule requires listing GFE charges in the borrower’s column, whether paid by seller or lender. Use Setoff Tracker for such charges and credit/debit on the first page of HUD-1 settlement statement.

What our client's are saying...

"Easy HUD Program saves my practice time, money and frustration..."
- Janice Teetsell, Esq., South Orange, NJ

Efficient HUD 1 Settlement Sheet System

  • Enter information in comprehensive case data sections or directly on HUD-1, HUD-1A settlement statements. The HUD form software performs all calculations and completes closing documents automatically.
  • Built-in contact database stores commonly used parties so you don’t have to type the same information repeatedly. All Easy HUD users at your firm can share the same contact database.
  • Comprehensive City/County/School/Condominium/Sewer Tax Proration module: computes seller over/under paid amounts and transposes numbers to appropriate HUD-1 lines.
  • Generates Lender Statement automatically that lists gross amount of loan, loan disbursed and itemized lender deductions.
  • Save all HUD forms in PDF or Word format (letter or legal size), including HUD 1A and HUD 1 statements, and email right from the program.
  • Enter up to eight buyer names and eight seller names.
  • Flexible addendum page. Add unlimited extra lines for 200/500/800/900/1000/1100/1200/1300 HUD Settlement Statement group.
  • Auto calculate property transfer taxes (Line 1203 to 1205) charges on HUD-1 for over 40 jurisdictions (AK, AL, CA, CO, CT, DE, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, MA, ME, MN, NC, NE, NH, NJ, NV, NY, OK, RI, SC, SD, VA, VT, WI). Just select your jurisdiction and let Easy HUD do the computations based on sale/loan amounts. If your jurisdiction is not listed, call us and we will add it for you!
  • Enter payoff information on HUD line 504/505 and compute total payoff amounts automatically.
  • Comprehensive 201 initial deposit box accounts for initial deposit given to brokers, seller or to settlement agent.
  • Prorate Line 901 interest charges automatically, once a funding date has been set. Set interest rate to accrue from the first of the month following closing or as of the last date of the closing month.
  • All relevant line items have "NET" flag to indicate whether the lender is pre-disbursed.

Automated GFE-HUD Comparison Sheet

  • Populate GFE-HUD comparison sheet (page 3 of HUD-1 or page 2 of HUD-1A Settlement Statement) automatically. Due to changes issued in 2010 by RESPA, HUD software has to operate in accordance with the RESPA Final Rule.
  • Simplified GFE view allows you to enter GFE amounts in the same order as shown on the GFE, simplifying GFE amount entries. You can even print GFE Worksheet for manual review.
  • Select tolerance groups for certain "non-fixed tolerance" charges, such as 1101 title charge and any POC amounts.
  • Computes 10% tolerance, which is displayed if there is a tolerance violation.
  • Any change made to HUD settlement statement charges will update the comparison sheet and tolerances computation automatically. This feature ensures that your GFE-HUD comparison sheet is always up-to-date as you make changes to the HUD closing statement.

Other Productivity Features

  • Easy HUD is network ready. Your entire firm can open and save real estate HUD program files from a common folder location.
  • Case Log: Automatic generation of master file log, listing all purchase/refinance files you create. As you save case files, entries are created and updated automatically in the Case Log. Print a Case Log for inventory tracking purposes or check tasks status of any file.
  • Case Tasks: Track status of each file with a built-in checklist. Customize the checklist to meet your requirements. Track status of each task, assign tasks to other parties, set due dates or add notes. Print tasks list.
  • LinkedDocs: Assemble a list of all case-related documents no matter where they are located on your computer. Print a centralized documents list and open files from a central location. Documents remain in the original location because LinkedDocs is just a directory.
  • Case Notes: A place to write all notes about the case. Case Notes are printable.
  • Save partially filled in HUD-1 (purchase) or HUD-1A (refinance) as a template for different lenders and title companies. Start a new HUD file based on an existing template, minimizing the need to enter the same information again.
  • Store frequently used payee and other information in your contact database to save time.
  • Default printer and paper type settings. Set once and all documents print on your choice of printer and paper size.
  • Built-in handy calculator for routine calculations.

What our client's are saying...

"With the cloud version, I can go into my HUD program no matter where I am, make the change and the closing is finished..."
- Janine Howarth, Legal Document Preparation, LLC

Reduce Real Estate Closing Time up to 70%

Easy HUD 1 software is a modular system. You can start with a basic license and add modules according to your practice’s needs. A complete Easy HUD program is capable of automating every aspect of real estate closing. Just enter your file data once, and let Easy HUD:

Real Estate Documents Module

If you prepare other closing forms (e.g. letters, contracts, deeds, affidavits), the Real Estate Documents module can provide unprecedented automation. No need to enter and track data in multiple places. With Real Estate Docs, over 200 real estate forms are included. You can customize any form and add unlimited number of your own forms.

  • Generate forms that automatically pull information from a common set of data for buyer, seller, property, lender, pay-offs, etc. HUD and all other real estate documents are then available at one place. If any corrections are necessary, make changes in one place and regenerate document.
  • View merged documents on-screen with the data filled in exactly as they will print. Make any needed changes and then print or e-mail.
  • Customize forms or add new forms. No need for any other word processing, spell checker or PDF tools.
  • Full integration with Easy HUD automates closings from start to finish. EH is DIY title closing software.

Ledger Module

Eliminate manual calculations, balance closings, generate Real Estate Closing Ledger (or money in-out sheet) and print professional grade checks automatically.

  • Avoid data entry errors. Date, amount, payee/payor and memo are filled in automatically with extracted information from purchase/refinance HUD forms.
  • Generate accurate ledgers. The module automatically adjusts for pre-disbursed items or earnest deposits held with brokers.
  • Split or combine checks as needed. Mark certain transactions as "wire".
  • Change information after extracting transactions without affecting HUD forms.
  • Print checks, with checks numbered automatically or manually.
  • Print itemized ledger statement for closing with option to add buyer/seller authorizations.

1099-S Filing

  • Generate forms quickly. Virtually all required 1099-S information is available automatically from the HUD form. No need to re-enter or re-type 1099-S information on separate documents.
  • Use Easy Soft’s 1099-S filing service to file 1099-S forms electronically as you close rather than waiting until year-end.
  • File and forget. Once you successfully submit 1099-S forms, the 1099-S Filing Service immediately issues a confirmation number. All your IRS reporting requirements are complete. The 1099-S Filing Service files all your 1099-S forms with the IRS and mails official copies to the seller for only $10 per filing.
  • Print a log of previously submitted 1099-S forms for internal tracking.
  • Print an exemption form if 1099-S submission is not required for a closing.

Advanced Printing Options Module

  • Generate Buyer and Seller summary transaction sheets. A concise list of buyer and seller’s transactions make it very easy to understand and cuts down on the need for your detailed explanations to clients.
  • Print HUD-1 settlement statement without total, print buyer or seller side only.
  • Print a consolidated list of smart itemizations.

What our client's are saying...

"I rely on Easy HUD to accurately and completely develop correct and conforming settlement statements..."
- William C. Mack, Law Offices of William C. Mack, NJ

Easy HUD Minimizes Post-Closing Headaches

Easy HUD is more than just the best real estate closing software for attorneys and agents. It brings efficiency to the entire residential real estate closing process and that includes minimizing your post-closing headaches. As a settlement agent, your job does not end at completion of HUD 1 closing and funds disbursement. We continue to provide technology driven efficiency to your post-closing activities wherever it makes sense. We offer following post-closing services:

Electronic 1099-S Reporting from Easy HUD

  • File 1099-S forms as you close. Filing 1099-S forms involving multiple sellers is just as easy.
  • Submit with one click from your Easy HUD title closing software. You receive an instant confirmation number.
  • Minimize IRS rejections for incomplete submissions and associated fines, since Easy HUD program validates data before submission.
  • Print a log of year-to-date submissions instantly.
  • Avoid the need to mail your forms the sellers or the IRS. Our electronic service does it all for $10 per filing.
  • Eliminate year-end frustration and crucial staff time. Aside from the time it takes to manually file 1099-S forms and prepare a report, a last minute discovery of missing or misplaced information can add to filing delays.
  • Enrollment is free. There are no hidden fees.

What our client’s are saying...

"Easy HUD allows us to file 1099-S forms electronically. For a small office, that's one less thing to worry about..."
- Mile High Title & Escrow, LLC

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