Meet the Smiths – Part 5: Calculating Child Support for Mr. Smith – Family Law Software

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been a particularly happy series of blogs for your typical client, Mr. Smith, and now he’s calling you to compute his child support obligation for a child he neglected to mention, who predates his marriage to the second Mrs. Smith.

Here at Easy Soft, our team works hard to keep the smile on your face by designing and supporting software created especially for attorneys, like our EzSupport-NY. When you use our software, you’ll be ready to perform child support calculations for every Mr. (and Mrs.) Smith.

Whether Mr. Smith is going through a family court proceeding or a New York divorce case, it’s important that you correctly calculate his child support obligation. When you use our child support for NY software, you’ll input data on screens that will remind you that, in addition to the strict computation, Mr. Smith may be eligible to request a variance.

Details of math formulas are precisely why you need to automate your child support calculations. When you jot down child support calculations on a piece of paper, you risk forgetting variables that could impact how much child support your client is paying for years to come.

But, when you use our EzSupport-NY and similar child support products for NJ, PA, and AZ, our software prompts you to fill in boxes for each one of the variables that could impact the computation. Representing the child support payor, do you remember to deduct maintenance, prior child support orders, union dues, and tax-deductible business expenses? These are just several examples of statutory provisions that we have translated into our software to increase your accuracy and quality.

Our EzSupport-NY is packed with features, including frequently used documents like the Summons, Complaint, and Statement of Net Worth. Worksheets are included for both child support and maintenance, to help you efficiently and accurately tackle these mandatory calculations.

Why not download a free trial of our Easy Soft products today, including one of our child support products? You can just as easily purchase the software with the comfort of our 30-day money back guarantee.

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